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My New Website and ACFW News

Hi friends! I wanted to post a quick note here in case you haven’t already heard the news. I recently designed and launched my very own author website! You can check it out at I will still continue to

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I was recently tagged by my writing friends Dawn Crandall and Casey Herringshaw to post 20 random things you might not know about me.  Soooo here I am!  Here’s the scoop for those of you bored brave enough to read

Time to Practice

My original plan for today was to post a review and giveaway that I’m really excited to share with you all.  The plan was to finish my last little edits on it this morning and click “Publish”.  However, this morning

Does Your Dialogue Need Some Work?

The dialogue in a story can be very powerful and influential, drawing different emotions from readers for a wide variety of purposes. Straight from an author’s pen, the written conversations between characters often jump off the page speaking lessons into

Lessons From The Point Of No Return

Stories pick up speed fast when characters we’re writing – or reading – suddenly clash with an unexpected challenge. No matter your favorite genre, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. That point of no return. That simmer of

Does the Perfect Writer Exist?

The more that I write the more I’m learning how difficult it can be to pour my overwhelmed heart upon the page.  I feel inadequate.  Weak.  Confused.  Should I be surprised?  When did my writing become this pursuit of perfectionism? 

A New Member to ACFW

For months I have been dragging my feet and tripping over the ground I was walking on. And the scariest part was I didn’t even realize it. I live in the Ozark mountains, where the rocks frequently make me miss