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While the romantic tension nestled so naturally within Julie Lessman’s books have been known to make characters and readers swoon, there is an art to the peppermint-sweet romance she weaves. In this guide directed towards those writing for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets, Julie shows her tried-and-true methods for creating those “character butterflies” in her fun, helpful, and humorous way.

You can almost hear the scratch of the chalkboard and the shuffling of desk chairs as Mrs. Lessman welcomes us to her “class” and gets right down to business – the matter of writing the perfect kiss. Talk about a fun subject!

Lighthearted, yet overflowing with great and useful tips, Romance-ology 101 shares Julie’s secrets on building romantic tension and gives perfect examples from her books that show various scenes containing her characteristic romantic drama. I tell you, the excerpts are dangerously intriguing if you’ve not read all of her books yet. You’ll be running out to grab any copy you’ve missed. I know I was!

Romance-ology 101It doesn’t matter what kind of romantic element you want to incorporate into your story, this book has got you covered. Do you want to get inside the hero’s head? With a few easy steps, you can conquer and utilize dual Point of View like a pro. Are you wishing you knew how to improve your characters’ dialogue or how to capture the senses just right? Are you hoping to escalate the romance with an element of anger, fear or surprise? Let Julie be your guide!

She also explains the variations to writing “The Kiss” and again shares various excepts from her novels to help further explain. Did you know there are 10 different kisses? Yep, you heard me! 10 different variations! Have you ever heard of the Caveman Kiss or the Stake-a-Claim Kiss? Hilarious and insightful, her advice is priceless.  Each chapter was so applicable, I was taking notes from the very start. No joke!

The only negative thing I can say is that the book was too short! You could say I didn’t want to leave class just yet! After reading Romance-ology 101, I love Julie and her books even more. I better hurry on now and fill in those gaps on my bookshelf with Julie’s latest releases. I encourage you to do the same!


Be sure to visit Julie Lessman’s website here for more info on her books and writing schedule. Also, don’t forget to look up Romance-ology 101 on Amazon for more details and availability. You’re going to love it!

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2 comments on “Romance-ology 101 – My Review
  1. Bonnie Roof says:

    A wonderful review, Savanna!

    I’m not a writer, but purchased, and read “Romance-ology 101 because I knew there had to be humorous tidbits in it (knowing Julie), and because I felt learning more about her writing style would help me appreciate Julie, and her books, even more! Her husband did an excellent job with the cover, and I love the fact that her daughter and son-in-law are on the cover!!

    Like you – I wanted (and have) all her books (in both paperback and e-book), and purchased them before even reading the first one. I had started reading “A Passion Most Pure”, and stopped when I heard “A Light in the Window” was coming out in paperback, so that I could read it first. I had already fallen in love with Julie through her godliness, Journal Jots, and her online rapport and love for her readers, and made the decision to purchase ALL her books. One of the best decisions I ever made – she has become my favorite author, each book I read becomes a “new” favorite!! She NEVER disappoints!!

  2. Savanna Savanna says:

    So glad you stopped by, Bonnie! I sure enjoyed Julie’s heart and humor in “Romance-ology 101” as well. I actually read that before I finished “Dare to Love Again” and I loved seeing some of the examples she’d pointed out in “class”. 🙂 I learned a lot in the short amount of pages. She’s something special for sure. I don’t think I’ve read as many books from one author as I have read hers. 🙂 Every last story is a keeper!!

    Have a blessed day!

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