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You all know how much I love to garden and zinnias are some of my FAVORITE flowers.  With the arrival of spring, I thought it would be fun to throw a giveaway in celebration of two of my favorite things – reading and gardening! 😉

I’m giving away my copies of Like A Flower In Bloom by Siri Mitchell and A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander. Each story includes at least one character who shares my passion for growing things. I’m also giving away 2 heirloom seed packets of zinnias. Did I mention my family runs a Seed Company? 😉

Just enter below and all this could be yours! Happy Spring, my dear friends!

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Thanks for entering! Contest is open only in the U.S. and ends April 1, 2015.  Winner will be notified by email.


96 comments on “Spring GIVEAWAY
  1. Joan Arning says:

    Two wonderful authors! I like tulips!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi Joan! Thanks for joining us. I love tulips! Mine aren’t blooming yet, but their leaves are nice and green right now. 😉 Can’t wait!

  2. Sarah Richmond says:

    I love all types of flowers flowers but maybe I would say Vilots!!!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and God Bless!!!

  3. steph j says:

    What a nice giveaway. My favorite flowers are red roses.

  4. Donna Parker says:

    I can’t think of any flower I don’t like. Sunflowers and Lilacs are my favorites.

  5. Kelli B says:

    Sounds wonderful

  6. Kathryn Voss says:

    I love daffodils with tulips and hyacinths close contenders. They are so refreshing after a long WI winter!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      I agree, the daffodils bring such hope in the early spring! I’m sure enjoying mine right now. 🙂 I’m glad you could stop by, Kathryn! Have a happy spring!

  7. Patty says:

    I am not a gardener, but I love flowers. My soon to be husband just bought some bulbs over the weekend for my front flower bed. I think they were lilies!

    Two great books, I love Tamera Alexander.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Ah, Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, Patty! 🙂 How sweet of him to give you lilies too! They’re so pretty.

      I love Tamera Alexander too. 😉 Good luck in the giveaway!

  8. Carisa Rinne says:

    I am passionate about gardening!! I Love flowers of all kinds and grow many variaties! It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite

  9. Jordann says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips and carnations. 🙂

  10. A.M. Heath says:

    What a fun giveaway!! I’ve always been partial to Mums or Black Eyed Susans. 🙂

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi A.M.! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting. I love Mums and Black Eyed Susans too. It’s hard NOT to like flowers of any kind, huh? Good luck in the giveaway, my friend!

  11. Bonnie Roof says:

    I love all flowers, however, one of my faves would probably be lilacs. I loved exploring the website of your family’s business – am guessing Mike is your father, I think you have his smile. My mother has the “green thumb” in our family – tending her huge lawn and numerous flower gardens is her passion. She spends many hours outdoor – on the farm on which I was raised – I’m praying her Alzheimer’s doesn’t rob her of time outdoors and those memories.

    Shared post!!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Bonnie. Lilacs are one my personal favorites too, just wish they bloomed longer. 😉 I’m so glad to hear you visited our family’s seed website. Yes, that’s my Mom and Dad. We all work together there, even my hubby helps out. 😉

      I love to hear your mother is such an avid gardener. I hope she enjoys many more days outside with her flowers.

      Blessings to you both! And thanks for sharing.

  12. Great giveaway idea, Savanna! Best part of spring is seeing the colors come out 🙂

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      HI Angela! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, my friend! Yes, the spring colors just breathe such hope, don’t they? 🙂 Have a blessed week!

  13. Danielle Hull says:

    I love all the Spring “bulb” flowers and fuschias.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      I have the hardest time walking past spring bulbs in a store and NOT getting some EVERY time. 😉 They tempt me way too much! Thanks for joining us for the giveaway, Danielle. Good luck!

  14. My favorite flower is the lilac. I love the smell and the color of them. Thank you for the chance to win

  15. Rhonda says:

    Roses any color.lovely giveaway

  16. Jasmine A. says:

    I have all kinds of favorite flowers, both wild and domesticated, and it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. I do love columbines and pansies and fairy slippers and larkspurs……

  17. Charlyn says:

    really enjoy flowers. My dad is the gardener in the family. Would enjoy the books and the seeds

  18. Melanie Backus says:

    I love daisies and roses.

  19. Deanne Patterson says:

    How fun it must be for your family running a seed company. I love all types of flowers. Flower are such a gift from God with their lovely scents, colors and shapes. I enjoy planting flowers every year and beautifying my yard ! It would be a true blessing to win these books by authors I really enjoy their books. The seed packets would add such delightful beauty to my yard. Thank you for such a generous opportunity !

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi Deanne! My family is very grateful for the work we have to do. It certainly keeps us busy, especially this time of year with all the planting there is to do. 😉 I hope you get to enjoy these books and your own gardens this year. Your yard sounds beautiful!

  20. Your family runs a seed company??? 🙂 I love flower seeds and growing flowers to cheer up others. I liked your Facebook page and hope to look through those cute spring crafts. Thanks for the chance!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much for visiting my family’s page. We sure appreciate that. We’re still a small company. It’s a labor of love, that’s for sure. 😉 I’m so glad you could join us for the giveaway. Good luck!

  21. Kris Markovich says:

    I love carnations! And these books look really good!

  22. Pam K. says:

    I like almost all flowers but the ones I always have to have in my garden are irises. I love all the variations, plus they remind me of my grandma’s garden. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Siri and Tammy are two of my favorite authors.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      How neat…. the irises in my garden always remind me of my grandma too. The bulbs came from her garden, so they’ll always be special to me. So glad you could join us for the giveaway, Pam. Happy growing and reading!

  23. Jennifer Bretsch says:

    I love Spring because I love to see all of the beautiful colors of the different trees and flowers blooming. I wish I had a green thumb so I could grow my own colorful garden.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Yes, I can’t wait to see the trees blooming too! You CAN grow a colorful garden, Jennifer! I believe in you. 🙂 Zinnias are very simple to grow too. That’s just one more reason why I like them so much. 😉 Good luck and Happy spring!

  24. Loraine N. says:

    My favorite flower is Lilacs. I used to love that two week time frame in the spring when you could smell them in the air. We don’t have Lilacs in TX and since I’ve moved here, I really miss that smell! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Awww, I would miss them too, Loraine. It’s hard to beat lilacs in the spring! Even lilac candles can’t seem to do the fresh fragrance justice. 😉 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  25. I would have to say Lilac, absolutely love the smell.

  26. Sharon Timmer says:

    I love all different colors of roses

  27. Caryl Kane says:

    Happy Spring Savanna! I love that we are in the Passover season. A time for new birth. Due to allergies, I enjoy flowers that are not heavily scented…;)

    I follow your blog.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Happy Spring to you too, Caryl! Yes, Easter is certainly the season for new birth. I love how the blooming flowers remind us of that every year too.

      Hope you have a great day, my friend. And enjoy a spring without too many allergic reactions. 😉

  28. Chris Bures says:

    I have loved flowers since my mom’s flower garden in our backyard. She loved to grow them and created quite a garden. My daughter loves flowers too and I would give the seed packets to her, the book two after I read it! ; ) I love zinnias! Thank you. I follow and love your blog! chris_davebures@bellsouth.net

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Loved your post, Chris! Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it wonderful how flowers and gardens bring home such sweet memories too? I love that. So happy you share that with your daughter too. Not to mention your love for reading. 😉

      Thanks so much for following my blog. That means a lot to me. Here’s hoping for a giveaway win!

  29. Karen R says:

    I really liked Liz Tolsma’s book too. Favorite flower is a toss up between roses and sweet peas. Grow them both. Can hardly wait for gardening season! Thanks for doing a giveaway.

  30. MS Barb says:

    I haven’t met a flower I didn’t like (even some weeds in the fall are pretty!) M favorite flowers are Calla Lilies!

  31. Cheri Oggy says:

    My favorite flower is is the daisy; they are so bright and cheery!

  32. Deanna S says:

    I like lilacs in the Spring & then Geraniums because they bloom all Summer..

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      I love the flowers that bloom ALL summer. I always miss my lilacs when they’re gone so soon every spring. 😉 Have a great day, Deanna!

  33. Anne Payne says:

    I love all kinds of flowers. It’s hard to choose a favorite but I would have to say I can’t turn down a Daisy! I don’t have any in my garden, though. Daffodils, Irises, and Day Lilies are prolific in my yard.

  34. Connie Saunders says:

    I love all kinds of flowers but some of my favorites are irises, sunflowers, Mums and pansies. Thanks for a great giveaway.
    cps1950 at gmail dot com

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi Connie! Just talking about all these pretty flowers makes me wish they were all in bloom right now. Can’t wait! So glad you could join us for the giveaway. Good luck!

  35. Maxie Anderson says:

    Hello Savanna. I love flowers and if I could afford it I would keep flowers in my living room every week. I also don’t have a place to garden, but if I did, my bad back wouldn’t let mt. Or, my bad knees. I would sure love to win your prize. Maybe I could just plant the seed in a pot and put on my porch.
    Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi Maxie! I wish I could grow more of them myself. 🙂 Yes, containers are a GREAT and much easier way to grow a few of your favorites and still enjoy them. I’m hoping for a giveaway win for you as well, friend! 😉

  36. KayM says:

    I really enjoy flowers. Soon my cherry trees will be in bloom–my favorite part of spring. Daisies are my favorite flower to pick by the handfuls. I love lilies of the valley.

  37. Kim Hampton says:

    My favorite flower is a lilac.

  38. Trixi O. says:

    Two great books by two great authors! I’m not a gardener or planter or what-not, but I’d give the seeds to a very good friend of mine in the church who is a lover of all that green stuff…and I’m not talking money either…lol! She’s a true green-thumb & would enjoy the flowers! Thank you Savanna for the chance to win!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      I’m thrilled that you still stopped by even though you’re not a gardener, Trixi. 😉 Love your idea of giving the seeds to your friend! I’m sure you’d love these too books. They are great authors, indeed. 🙂 Have a great day!

  39. Amelia says:

    I love roses and zinnias!

  40. I haven’t read these yet, but I plan to! I would LOVE to win them! 🙂

  41. Tamara Wilkins says:

    I was just thinking this week that I need to plant zinnias!… 😉

  42. What an awesome giveaway! The books sound great and the zinnias bring back memories from my horticulture class. There were so many that bloomed that spring –we didn’t know what to do with them all! 🙂


    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Hi Zekkaina! Thanks for stopping by. Zinnias are so easy to grow… having lots of blooms is a nice problem to have, huh? 😉 Hope you get to enjoy these books too. Good luck!

  43. Joelle S. says:

    These are two amazing books by two of my favorite authors! I’d love to own copies! I’ve always said my favorite flower is a violet, but there are way too many pretty ones to choose from.

  44. BJ Marley says:

    African violets are my favorite flowering houseplant. In the garden, I love zinnias, cosmos, and marigolds.

  45. Donna B says:

    My favorite flowers are roses and tulips. I would love to read these books!

  46. Merry says:

    I love lilies!

  47. Melissa says:

    I’ve tried growing so many different flowers. My favorites are my lilies. I’d love to see some more delicate annuals or perennials in my garden that the deer will leave alone.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Oh, lilies are beautiful! I so enjoy them this time of year, Melissa. 🙂 Sorry to hear you have problems with deer, though. That is never fun! :/ My dad knows some ways to keep them from the garden… if you want to email him for some ideas, just drop him a line at grow(at)whiteharvestseed(dot)com. 😉

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