This is the first book by Rose Pearson I have read, and honestly, I picked it up because of the beautiful Christmas cover.  Most people know I love reading Christmas books, and yes, I will read them throughout the year.  Unfortunately, I did not get to read as much as I would have liked last year, so I decided to continue to read some Christmas stories this winter.  What are some of your favorite Christmas tales?  Let me know in the comments below.

This book is set in the Regency era, which I love, and is focused on two main characters–Lady Charity and Lord Hosmer.  Of course, there are individuals around these two that orchestrate their meeting and purpose in society.  Lady Charity’s chaperone, Lady Hayward is instrumental in helping to guide Charity’s movements and conduct in this world, because her father deems it necessary for Charity to be wed.  If you have read Jane Austen, then you will understand the feelings and demands of this time period and how the people of this era governed themselves.

Lady Charity is somewhat saddened to know she will not be spending Christmas with her father and sisters.  Yet she also understands she must move forward and learn how to cope with getting married and starting her own family.  These thoughts are so foreign to her, because she prefers to stay where she is at present–home.  Lady Hayward is quite a comfort, and Charity is grateful for her advice and input regarding the next chapter of her life.  But can Charity truly find someone who will love her?  And more importantly, someone she can love.  There are new lessons to be learned at every turn, and Charity must learn discernment quickly.  Thankfully, help is about to come from a very unexpected place and person.

Lord Hosmer has a disgruntled perspective on life.  HIs heart was broken once, and he is determined to never let that happen again.  Therefore, he feels he must live in misery from one moment to the next and especially during the most joyous time of the year–Christmas.  When he meets a certain lady, she begins to tear his misguided views apart, but will she be victories in helping him let go of the past?

I found this book a delight to read, and was happy to find that there are four other books in the series.  Currently, I just started the fifth book in the Landon House series, A Most Suitable Bride.  Do you enjoy historical reads?  What are some of your favorites?

Happy reading and Happy New Year!


About the Book

Lady Charity loves the Christmas season.  But can she convince Lord Benedict of the joys of the Christmas season?  And perhaps find love along the way?  

Lady Charity is a little disappointed. With her older sisters now wed, it is her turn to experience London society but, unfortunately, she must attend during the winter, when it is quiet and a little less exciting. However, determined to do her best, she steps into a wintery London and into society.
Guided by Lady Hayward, Charity finds herself rather delighted with society – all save for one particular gentleman who, for whatever reason, has never a kind word to say to anyone. Despite knowing she should step away, Charity finds herself quite intrigued by him, wondering what it might be that troubles him so and soon finds herself quite determined to improve his demeanour.

Benedict, the Marquess of Hosmer, has always despised the festive season, ever since his betrothed cried off. Now, for whatever reason, he has met the most frustrating young lady who is more than eager to convince him of the happiness that can be found at Christmas time. The more he pushes her away, the more determined she becomes.

Will he ever be able to free himself from her? Or will her gentle sweetness bring him closer to her than ever before?

This is the fourth book in the Landon House series, where Lady Hayward and the Duke of Landon form an alliance to assist each other with difficulties of their family life. Get your copy today!

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About the Author

Rose has read her way through countless romances over the years, “borrowing” them from her older sisters, and hiding them from her mother.

She has a special love for Regency romances and when she began writing, the Regency period was a natural place to start. The ton, the wealthy families, the Season, the dilemmas, and yes, the marriages, have always fascinated her. She loves a happy ever after! Now she is happy to bring this passion to her stories and share it with her readers.

On a personal note, Rose lives in New Jersey, is married, and has a terrier that barks too much. She enjoys taking him for walks to tire him out!

Find out more about Rose Pearson at: Website / Goodreads / Instagram / Facebook