A Sparrow in Terezin - My ReviewI’ve been eagerly anticipating this novel ever since I finished the first book in the series. I could hardly imagine a story sweeping my emotions away more than The Butterfly and the Violin. Once again, I was surprised.

A Sparrow in Terezin is one of those books you read slowly, savoring every word. And let me warn you, you will lose all sense of time as you fall immersed into it.

The story picks back up with Sera and William from the first book, along with a few other familiar faces, and their side of the plot was certainly unique and unexpected. Unanswered questions will leave you intrigued to the end. But it was Kaja’s story that compelled me more than anything.

Kaja. Liam. Her parents. Dane. Sophie. The children. Oh, the sparrows. I was with each of them as I read. Some scenes were so vividly painted, I had to stop and read them over again. The missing pieces were revealed in a creative, poetic way. I couldn’t have asked for more, really. It’s a love story of faith and courage and the Lord’s faithfulness even in unimaginable places. I forgot I was reading. I was watching.

I also learned some fascinating historical details I’d never known before. It’s something I think would make a great additional reading for schooling. It paints the history in a more personal way. Such a poignant glimpse into the past. It’s raw and heartbreaking, yes, but it’s beautiful and we can learn by it.

With more than a few teardrops on the last page, I closed the book. Even now, two days later I’m still hearing the heartbeat of this story and carrying it with me. I hope I never forget it. A Sparrow in Terezin is a book for keeps – on your shelf and in your heart.

I want to write like you when I grow up, Kristy. 😉

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publisher and the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



Bound together across time, two women will discover a powerful connection through one survivor’s story of hope in the darkest days of a war-torn world.

Present Day—With the grand opening of her new art gallery and a fairytale wedding just around the corner, Sera James feels she’s stumbled into a charmed life—until a brutal legal battle against fiancé William Hanover threatens to destroy the perfectly planned future she’s planned before it even begins. Now, after an eleventh-hour wedding ceremony and a callous arrest, William faces a decade in prison for a crime he never committed, and Sera must battle the scathing accusations that threaten her family and any hope for a future.

1942—Kája Makovsky narrowly escaped occupied Prague in 1939, and was forced to leave her half-Jewish family behind. Now a reporter for the Daily Telegraph in England, Kája discovers the terror has followed her across the Channel in the shadowy form of the London Blitz. When she learns Jews are being exterminated by the thousands on the continent, Kája has no choice but to return to her mother city, risking her life to smuggle her family to freedom and peace.

Connecting across a century through one little girl, a Holocaust survivor with a foot in each world, these two women will discover a kinship that springs even in the darkest of times. In this tale of hope and survival, Sera and Kája must cling to the faith that sustains and fight to protect all they hold dear—even if it means placing their own futures on the line.


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A Sparrow in Terezin - My Review


Kristy Cambron fancies life as a vintage-inspired storyteller. Her debut historical novel, The Butterfly and the Violin (Thomas Nelson), was named to Library Journal Reviews’ Best Books of 2014, Family Fiction’s Top Ten Novels of 2014, and received nominations for RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards Best Inspirational Novel of 2014 and the 2015 INSPY Awards for Best Debut Novel. Her second novel, A Sparrow in Terezin, was named Library Journal Reviews’ Pick of the Month (Christian Fiction, starred review) for February 2015 and a Top Pick from RT Book Reviews for April 2015. This second book in the Hidden Masterpiece series will release from Thomas Nelson in April, 2015.

Kristy is an Art/Design Manager and co-founder of The GROVE storytelling ministry. She holds a degree in Art History from Indiana University, and has nearly 15 years of experience in instructional/graphic design and corporate communications for a Fortune-100 Company. She lives in Indiana with her husband and three football-loving sons, where she can probably be bribed with a coconut mocha latte and a good Christian fiction read. 

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