IMG_8633Hi there! I’m Savanna and I’m so glad you stopped by! As you’ve probably already noticed, I LOVE books – reading them and writing them. I finished my first book and had my first freelance article published when I was 16. Over 40 articles later – and after completing another book – I’m currently working on a historical fiction series I’ve carried close to my heart for over 7 years now. Someday I hope to share it with you.

I live in the quiet Missouri Ozarks, but my home is really wherever a certain blue-eyed blonde happens to be. My sweetheart, Andrew, and I were married September 2012 after 5 years of courtship. I love being his wife. This crazy life we lead really is “better together” – just like the Jack Johnson song says.

He’s the adventurer and I’m the homebody. Needless to say, it keeps life interesting. 😉 The outdoors draw us both and we enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. (Although, I’m still not convinced mountain biking is for me!) We love to travel and visit historical sites and take LOTS of pictures. But our home in the country is still our favorite place to be.

I’ve always loved to create things. During my homeschool days, I enjoyed making crafts, even though the projects never quite turned out as beautiful as I’d hoped. Pinterest and Hobby Lobby make it look way to easy! Nowadays, my focus has mostly shifted to creating stories. Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? 😉 You can read how my journey first began and why I write here

usOtherwise, my time is filled working at White Harvest Seed Company, my family’s home-grown heirloom seed business we started in 2010. I come from a family of gardeners and I spend a lot of my summers snapping beans, freezing corn, picking zinnias, and snacking on strawberries. My job there mostly consists of website management, marketing, packing seeds, hanging with the family, and writing, of course. I love to garden and I love encouraging others to grow their own food too. So if you need some garden seed this year or know someone who does, I’ve got connections! 😉

Above all, though, I’m just a sinner saved by the unconditional grace and mercy of God. “By His stripes, I am healed” and in His sovereign hands I rest. I pray my life’s story may bring Him delight and give honor to His name.

All my love and dedication goes to my Redeemer, the Author of life and all our stories.


Professional Bio:

Savanna Kaiser will never forget the day her love for writing and history first collided on Missouri soil at a Civil War Reenactment. As the 1860s leapt to life before her eyes, she discovered the setting for the stories of her heart – tales of Christ’s redeeming love through historical fiction. She’s been creating stories ever since. She blogs regularly at The Engrafted Word and has published over 40 freelance articles in various magazines across the country.

Recently married, she and her husband Andrew make their home in the Missouri Ozarks, where they enjoy gardening, hiking, and kayaking down the river by their home. They especially love a good road trip, whether their travels take them as far as Gettysburg for research or as close as their local Thai restaurant for date night.