Welcome back to the blog, Cynthia. I’m so excited to have you join us today and celebrate your new release, Beyond These War-Torn Lands. It is a beautiful story and one that I will remember!

After writing your prairie series, what drew you to write Civil War fiction?

Originally, I had thoughts of making this fourth book a part of my Prairie Sky Series and having a boy named Johnny (from Books 2 & 3) grow up and become the hero for Beyond These War-Torn Lands. But the nature of this novel seemed so different from the other books that I felt it best to make it the start of a new Wounded Heart Series. Each book will have at least one character with a wounded heart that needs healing.

What will you remember most about writing “Beyond These War-Torn Lands”?

All the research! This is the first novel I’ve written that incorporates real history and historical figures within the storyline. Because of that, I had to do extensive research to ensure every detail was historically accurate. It was a lot of hard work, but it was so much fun weaving my characters into the framework of history through encounters with actual people and events of the past.

I loved how real historical facts connected to the fictional journey of these characters. You did a great job with it.

I know this past year has been so hard with your health, family, and deadlines. Can you share something with us that has given you great joy? Some blessing from God, big or small?

Yes! In the midst of dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatments and the loss of my father, one blessing really brought me joy – that of my son’s wedding in June. I’m thrilled to have gained a daughter and to see the outstanding young man and husband my son has become. Such a joy and blessing!

I love this! Congrats to you all and the happy couple too! (And I’m still lifting you up in prayer daily for God’s continued grace and healing. Praise Him for His unfailing strength!)

Do you have a favorite character or scene from the book?

Hmm. I love both Drew and Caroline. I enjoyed writing the scenes in which they interacted and their budding romance. But, one scene with Drew and his horse was particularly fun to write. Drew is hiding from Confederate soldiers and fears his untethered horse will be his undoing. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say the horse proves to be a spirited ally for Drew in a very touchy situation.

Can you tell us a few books you’ve enjoyed reading this year?

I really enjoyed Conni Cossette’s To Dwell Among Cedars, also All Through the Night by Tara Johnson and The Rock by friend, Cara Grandle.

I’ve read the last two and loved them as well. Conni’s is definitely on my TBR pile! 🙂

Thank you so much for joining us today, Cynthia. It’s always a joy to have you here. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any upcoming projects you can share with us?

I’m currently working on Book 2 in my Wounded Heart Series currently slated to release in November of 2022 and also have a Christmas novella project in the works with three other talented authors due out September 2023.

So excited to hear this, Cynthia. What wonderful news. Can’t wait to read them and continue following your writing journey. Blessings to you!


This book opened at an exciting pace. It stole my breath away with its vivid imagery of battles and soldiers in distress and our lovely heroine stepping out in courage and kindness to help her enemy. I loved this couple and their journey to freedom and healing. The world around them is at war and yet they show great compassion and grace to those around them.

The story delicately deals with fears, unforgiveness, bitterness, others’ expectations, and family losses. It’s not the easiest read at times due to these heavy subjects, but the author weaves beautiful elements of faith and hope throughout.

I personally loved the historical details and learned more about the time period, which is always something I enjoy and appreciate. If you too are a fan of Civil War fiction with a subtle romance tucked inside, you won’t want to miss this excellent tale!


About the Book


The War brought them together ~ Would it also tear them apart?

While en route to aid Confederate soldiers injured in battle near her home, Southerner Caroline Dunbar stumbles across a wounded Union sergeant. Unable to ignore his plea for help, she tends his injuries and hides him away, only to find her attachment to him deepen with each passing day. But when her secret is discovered, Caroline incurs her father’s wrath and, in turn, unlocks a dark secret from the past which she is determined to unravel.

After being forced to flee his place of refuge, Sergeant Andrew Gallagher fears he’s seen the last of Caroline. Resolved not to let that happen, when the war ends, he seeks her out, only to discover she’s been sent away. When word reaches him that President Lincoln has been shot, Drew is assigned the task of tracking down the assassin. A chance encounter with Caroline revives his hopes, until he learns she may be involved in a plot to aid the assassin.


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