Cynthia Roemer is an award-winning inspirational writer with a heart for scattering seeds of hope into the lives of readers. Raised in the cornfields of rural Illinois, Cynthia enjoys spinning tales set in the backdrop of the 1800s prairie. She writes from her family farm in central Illinois where she resides with her husband and their two college-aged sons.

Welcome back to the blog, Cynthia. I’m so excited to have you join us today as a PUBLISHED author. I’m so happy for you, my friend. Let’s talk about your newly-released story!

I’m honored to be here, Savanna. Thanks so much for having me!

How long did it take you to write Under This Same Sky?

 How long? That’s a difficult question. I actually researched and wrote a rough draft of it while in college. Then it sat idle for a good many years as I married and raised my two sons. In 2012, the Lord revived my dream of novel writing when I joined the ACFW. With the help of gifted writers and critique partners, I began honing my writing skills and entering contests. Over the next four years, the storyline for Under This Same Sky developed and changed along with my writing until it found its publishing home.

How did writing this story change you?

For one thing, it deepened my appreciation for writers! I never realized how intricate and fine-tuned the writing profession is. Secondly, I’ve been impacted by the way God teaches me life lessons through my characters. As they grow so do I! It’s truly amazing how life-like they become.

What part of this story did you enjoy researching the most?

The time period. I dearly love learning about the 1800s and how life was “in the good old days”. We have so much to learn from the salt-of-the-earth folks who loved God,  extended a helping hand to their neighbors, gave their word on just a handshake, and knew what their priorities were. The most challenging part of research was bringing the town of St. Louis to life. I’m a country gal and the big city is something that’s foreign to me…especially one from 160+ years ago! There was so much to consider, the sights, smells, sounds, street names, buildings, transportation, even lighting. It was an eye-opening experience for me as well as Becky, my main character.

You did it so well, Cynthia. I felt like I was there when I was reading it. I too love that time period!

 You had your first book signing recently. What was your favorite part about the day?

I’m so glad you asked this, Savanna. There were a lot of special moments, but the most memorable was when a young girl gingerly approached me, book in hand. It turned out her father lived not too far from us and had driven her by my house to show her where “the author” lived. I chuckled inwardly at the thought.

Once I’d signed her book, she clutched it to her chest like her most prized possession. The look in her dark eyes was one of awe, one that will stick with me for a very long time. It was then I realized what an awesome privilege and responsibility inspirational writers have to speak truth and hope into the hearts of readers. Her expression made every grueling edit and deadline worth the effort. It was a God-ordained snapshot of what the Lord can do when we’re faithful to use the gifts He’s given us.

I shared this story in my blog recently. I’ll include the link for those who wish to read the entire story.

I love hearing about this. What a special gift. Wish you’d been able to get a picture of you and the sweet girl! 🙂

What do you hope readers take away the most from this novel?

What I seek to accomplish most with Under This Same Sky is to assure readers that God can take our deepest hurts and bring about blessing if we allow them to draw us closer to Him. And that no matter what they are going through in life, the Lord is there with us,  cheering us on and offering strength and comfort. God is bigger than our hardships.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’m currently working on Book Two in my Prairie Sky Series, Under Prairie Skies, which is set to release sometime in 2018. It starts just days after Under This Same Sky ends and is the story of Charlotte Stanton, Becky’s spoiled cousin who finds her match in cattleman, Chad Avery. I’ll be giving snippets about it in my upcoming Author Newsletters. To sign up, visit either my website or my FB Author Page at the links provided.

Where can readers find out more about you?



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Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Cynthia. Love you and your stories! 🙂


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