Welcome to the blog, Regina. I’m so excited to have you here today. Congratulations on your new release, The Lieutenant’s Bargain. I have loved this series and I can’t wait to read this one too!

What do you love most about your hero and heroine in this story?

Thanks for having me here, Savanna! What I love about Jack and Hattie is that they make a great team. From the first, you just know that they need to be together. For instance, Jack is brilliant, but in many ways he doesn’t have a clue. Then there’s Hattie, who wasn’t known for her success as a student, but she understands people and sees things that Jack misses. They complement each other nicely.

They sound like they were made for each other. 😉

Have you visited any of the historical sites from your book? If not, what places are at the top of your list to visit someday?

Yes, I visit Fort Reno regularly. It’s just down the interstate from where I live, and I love spending an afternoon there when I have a chance. This summer I’ve got to know several people who have their offices there in the historic buildings, and that’s allowed me a few behind-the-scenes tours. (Hyperventilating!!) I’m so in love with that place!

That is SO cool! Would love to visit there someday.

How do you choose your characters’ names?

Hattie Walker is named after my niece and my nephew – Hattie and Walker. Lieutenant Jack Hennessey’s naming story is a little more complicated. Locals will recognize the name of Hennessey as being a town north of Darlington and the fort. They might not know that the town was named after Pat Hennessey, a freighter who was killed by a band of Cheyenne (with possibly some Kiowa, Osage and Comanche participants) in 1874. In fact, it was the murder of Hennessey and the four other members of his team that brought about the establishment of Fort Reno to protect the workers at the Darlington Indian Agency. Our fictional Lieutenant Jack is blissfully unbothered by the connection with the tragic tale and intent on leaving his own happier story for posterity.

Fascinating! Love the family and historical connections.

What’s one of your favorite things about being an author?

That people go out of their way to tell me interesting things. For instance, the ladies at the fort pull out the research and records that most visitors don’t get to see. It’s so cool!

Ahhhh, jealous!! 😉

Since Christmas is just around the corner, what’s one of your fun family traditions this time of year?

My husband and son go deer hunting to fill our freezer. We have a meat grinder and vacuum sealer and we totally destroy our kitchen processing all the meat. Sometimes we go to friend’s house and do it there, and of course eat chicken-fried deer meat to celebrate a successful season. That meat is usually the Christmas present that gets the most use.

That’s awesome, Regina! Sounds like the two of you make a good team too. 😉

Thank you so much for visiting with us today. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any upcoming project you can share with us?

Certainly! I’m working on edits of the third Fort Reno book, and we already have a title – The Major’s Daughter. Guess who that’s about? Be watching for hard-headed Caroline Adams in the series. She’s soon to have a story of her own.

Yay! Can’t wait! Have a Merry Christmas!!


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