Learning to Write Like David | The Engrafted WordHe was called a man after God’s own heart. And he was a writer. Is it any wonder Psalms is such a beloved book? Boy, did those inspired words flow.

There is so much for Christians – and writers – to learn from the Psalms of David. Through the Lord’s inspiring power, a young shepherd-turned-king was able to eloquently express his heart and pen the words that have captured the hearts of readers for generations. What writer today does not dream of the same?

I’m in the middle of doing a study on the life of David right now and there have already been so many applicable lessons for my life as well as my writing. No real surprise there. God is a great multi-tasker, isn’t He?

Here’s a few aspects of David’s writing that I think all of us writers should take note of. It has definitely given me a lot to ponder. Ask yourself if these same elements could be said of you and your writing.

His Priority Remained Constant

David’s words endured largely in part to the heart behind them. His psalms were written first and foremost to God. The purpose of our work should be the same. Our ultimate priority should always be to glorify God, no matter what it is that we’re writing. All the work of our hands should be dedicated to Him.

His Humble Honesty Spoke Volumes

David experienced some great victories as well as great shame during his lifetime. Through his open-hearted psalms, one moment we find ourselves singing with him along a mountaintop and in the next, we’re carried with him through some valleys we would have preferred to avoid altogether. He feels, thus we feel. Just as well, our own stories must first impact us if they will ever impact our readers.

He Was Extremely Passionate

You could say David was a man of extremes. He was passionate whether he was on the battlefield or in private prayer and worship before God. And through his passion, God used him in a mighty way. Go ahead and be ruled by your passions. Just make sure they’re seeking the glory of God.

His Words Never Grew Old

Of course, how could they? They’re from the Bible, ultimately authored by God Himself. My humble work will never compare, but I strive to write stories that contain truths even if they’re wrapped within fiction, can relate to a large audience, and bear repeating.

He Represented Someone Greater

Last, but not least, it’s not really about us. We need to remember that. Our lives should always point to Christ. David’s certainly did.

David could never hide his heart – or his sinful imperfections – from God. In turn, those imperfections made him beautiful. And his legacy and lesson for us, immortal. God loved him and He used him for His glory. May the same thing be said of our lives.

Learning to Write Like David - The Engrafted Word


What lesson(s) have you learned from David or another writer from the Bible?

What writing legacy do you hope to leave behind?