Today is a special day for me, because it commemorates an anniversary that I will forever be grateful and humbled by–the Lord is good.  I wanted to post a poem that I wrote years ago, which talks about all that the Lord has done for me, and happily was a poem that was published in my college’s literary journal.  God bless friends!

“The Gifts”

by Heather Snyder

Love and Kindness are with me wherever I go,
They are a constant reminder of the love that was shown to me.

They are a constant reminder to me to keep going no matter what,
no matter how hard things get, these two things always seem to
me the strength to carry on.

They are always there to remind me that I can overcome any
because of being given these two precious gifts.

Whenever I think of them,
a smile comes to my face,
as I remember the day that I was awarded them.
Then with anguish I remember the days I did not have them,
yet everyday longed and hoped for these gifts to come soon.
Wondering what it would be like to have these amazing gifts in my
wondering if I would ever have these gifts in my life.

My life before was filled with pain and suffering,
it was filled with broken dreams and questions of what was to
what was I to become? There were no answers to these puzzling
just the drive to keep going even though the road ahead held no

Once these gifts were here it was like a breath of fresh air.
My life was never the same again, it was a thousand times better.
Suddenly the road ahead held many promises with dreams coming
Pain was being erased and replaced with hope for the future.
I now understood what I had been missing for so many years,
and have been in awe of this fact ever since.

I intend to protect these precious gifts, Love and Kindness,
for they were a gift given by God directly to me.
Not to be taken for granted, but to hold dear all the days of my
They were given for me to embrace life,
to embrace Love and Kindness in this life.

I will never forget Love and Kindness,
for they are with me wherever I go.