March is an amazing month for me, because I’m blessed to be able to celebrate another moment again.  I know I have probably mentioned some of my milestones before, which equate to the grace of the Lord.  These pertain to moments in life where it is incredibly apparent that the Lord was the author of such goodness, and I cannot deny it.  Isn’t it wonderful to see how the Lord works?  To know that it is He alone Who could grant such a miracle!  And isn’t it amazing to realize that He is working in your life, because you see and understand that the Lord loves you.  The Creator of the world is saving you!

I know I tend to get a bit excited when I talk about all that the Lord has done, but it just amazes me.  Why does He love me this much?  Why does He even care?  And yet, I am remined daily of His love and kindness.

The song below is from my childhood, but it is one of my favorites.  Every time I hear the words I cry, because this song reminds me yet again about God’s power and love.  And the fact that His grace never changes.  I hope this song touches your heart too.