Deborah Hale’s book entitled The Gentleman’s Bride Search is the the fifth story in the Glass Slipper Bride collection.  I reviewed the fourth book, The Duke’s Marriage Mission, in February of this year.  There are five books in this series, and each book follows the life of one woman–five friends in all.  The other three books are The Captain’s Christmas FamilyThe Baron’s Governess Bride, and The Earl’s Honorable Intentions.  All five books are set in England during the early 1800’s.

This book follows governess Evangeline Fairfax who comes to live at Renforth Abbey.  For the past six years, she has been caring for Jasper Chase’s children–Matthew, Owen, Rosie, Emma, and Alfie.  Her goal though is to open a school for underprivileged children.  Children like her who grew up in an school where she was mistreated, starved, and unloved for so many years.  If it had not been for her close circle of friends, it is quite evident that her survival would have been grim.

Jasper does not understand her dream, because he wants her to stay and continue to be his children’s governess.  After all, why would she leave his children in order to care for others?  Doesn’t she know how much his children need her?  After the death of their mother, Miss Fairfax had been a shining light for each of them–with the ability to pull the children out of their grief.  In truth, Evangeline had come to be a comfortable part of their home.  How would they survive in her absence?      

Evangeline’s plans to leave Renforth Abbey are constantly put off.  Mr. Chase does his best to come up with excuse after excuse–reasons why she must stay.  As time progresses, Evangeline realizes how much time she is losing in regards to building her school, and she knows her circle of friends are counting on her–her circle of friends who are already married, which is something Evangeline vows never to do.  Marriage does not interest her.  Her independent spirit would not allow it.

Jasper continues to think of ways to make Miss Fairfax stay, until Evangeline concocts another plan–the marriage plan.  Miss Fairfax and Jasper’s mother set their minds to find him a wife and a mother for his children.  Evangeline feels this is the perfect plan to guarantee her escape into the life she believes the Lord has called her in to.  However, both Evangeline and Jasper Chase will find themselves in situations they never considered as Miss Fairfax starts to envy the woman who will care for her children.

Will Evangeline leave Renforth Abbey or will Mr. Chase stop her?  How will the children respond to this great change in their lives?  And will the various women who come to Renforth Abbey–in the hopes of courting Jasper–be disappointed or vicious?  Find out in this last book in the Glass Slipper Collection!  I highly recommend it!

About The Book 

If Jasper Chase won’t trouble himself to find a new governess, Evangeline Fairfax must find her employer a wife. That way, his children will be well cared for once she leaves to start a charity school. Jasper reluctantly agrees to a matchmaking house party with one condition-that Evangeline give him lessons in courtship.

Devoted to improving conditions at his mill, Jasper unwittingly ignored matters at home. Only now, as Evangeline teaches him how to win a wife, does he realize what it means to be a true father and husband. And if this independent young woman would just say yes, her plan could have the perfect ending…

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About the Author

Deborah Hale spent a decade tracing her Canadian family to their origins in Georgian-era Britain. In the process, she learned a great deal about that period and uncovered enough fascinating true stories to fuel her romance plots for years to come. At the urging of a friend, Deborah completed her first historical romance novel and went on to publish over fifteen more. Deborah lives in Nova Scotia, a province steeped in history and romance!
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