For today’s post, I decided to pull a devotional from my repertoire.  This particular devotional applies to the days we are living in right now–I pray it encourages your heart and reminds you that we are not alone.  The Lord is always with us, and He is in control of everything; therefore, our hearts can be still in understanding this promise.  Many hugs my friends!

Live Out Loud 

This month has been a reflective one for me–do you ever have those moments?  Times when you stop and listen to the world around you–your own world specifically.  When you consider what you have done in your life up to this point and what the Lord may have brought you through.  That is where my thoughts lie this April.

Throughout my young life, there have been numerous occasions where I have needed help.  Help from those around me, but mostly help from the only person who could faithfully assist me in those moments–Someone who could help me when no one else could.  I’m sure you have already guessed that I am talking about the Lord.

As you know by now, the Lord always uses music to speak to me and to help me through some of the most challenging events in my life.  And I have attended numerous contemporary Christian concerts throughout the years that always left me feeling inspired and encouraged to keep running the race set before me (Hebrews 12:1).  On a nostalgic note, the song by Third Day entitled “Love Song” popped into my head this past week, which is so perfect for this Easter season.  This is such a beautiful song and an incredible reminder of what Christ did for us and gave to us.  As a young girl, I remember a group performing a skit to this song at my church–the audience was in tears.  Oh, how imperative it is that we remember all that has been given to us!

I am left in awe and wonder at the greatness of our God.  Relying on Him is the only way I have endured and conquered anything.  He is my strength–daily and forever.  When I think back over the years–to what my life could have been–I am so happy to know that the Lord was and is in control.  He knew the steps before I even walked them.  Things do happen in His perfect timing, which are usually the moments that do not make sense to us.  Trust is key in these times.

Friends, please remember we serve an awesome God, and that He is bigger than anything we may ever face.  I never thought I would get through many of the trials I have endured, but God knew, and that is all the comfort I will ever need.  God bless each and everyone of you this month–know that I am praying for all of you during this most difficult time in our world.