During this quarantine time, I have be re-watching some of my favorite shows–one in particular is Downton Abbey.  Not only do I love reading historical fiction, I love watching historical programs that allow us to take a step back in time.  These stories are so incredible, because they help us to see another era through the eyes of the characters who lived there.  We never lived in England during World War I, but we can learn more about these events through the pages of a book, and through the stories of those who lived, struggled, and conquered so many moments during those days.

I’m not sure if knowing this history helps us during these difficult times we are facing, but it should comfort us to know that we are not alone.  Firstly and most importantly, the Lord is with us, but secondly we must remember that there have been other individuals who have overcome perilous times–it can be done!  Books have always been a comfort to me, and it has been so imperative to understand and explore other eras–the roaring twenties in Downton Abbey, the Great Depression in the Walton’s, and even to discover a new decade with the detectives in Endeavor.  All of these people lived and worked in various times before us, but their voices are still important today, and we can learn so much from them.  If you have a moment, please take the time to research the biographies of these wonderful individuals and be encouraged by their perseverance.

Take heart friends, and please let us know how we can pray for you.  Have a wonderful week!