Hi there, sweet reading and writing friends. Today, Heather and I are excited to introduce something new to the blog. We’re calling it Prayer Pals. We want The Engrafted Word to be more than just a home for us to share our hearts with you. We want to get to know YOU better. We want to hear YOUR stories. And we’d love to PRAY for you.

You’ve already been in our prayers, but we wanted to lend a listening ear for any specific requests you may have as well.

Could you use a prayer pal?

Once a month, we’ll leave a note here. If you’d like to leave a prayer request in the comments below, whether it’s for you or someone else, please know that we will be checking often and lifting you and yours up in prayer.

It is our hope that no matter what you’re facing right now, Jesus will pour his abundant joy, grace, and strength into your life. May He comfort those who are hurting and draw near. May He grant wisdom to your path and give you peace.

Thanking Jesus for each of you!