fireworks1Do you ever struggle with creativity? Do you ever feel like you’re lacking inspiration? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Oftentimes for me it feels like searching for lost keys. I hunt all over the place, finding everything but the one thing I’m looking for, completely exasperated over my horrible memory lapse until I eventually give up. Then the moment I finally stop looking, the keys magically re-appear. You know what I mean? 😉

The writer’s road is not an easy one. Sometimes those great ideas remain in the foggy parts of our brains, oftentimes blocked by over-thinking.

Our minds are always spinning, dreaming up new worlds and swimming with words. It’s the life of a writer, but sometimes we need to free our thoughts. We need to step away from our stories at times to see things clearly and find refreshment to keep on writing. Sometimes it’s necessary to stop and be still.

For me, my heart is most free and clear when I’m studying. In those quiet moments with the Lord, reading His book and talking with Him, that’s when I’m provided the strength and sustenance to serve Him best. Just when I’ve stopped mulling over my writing, He uses the Scripture before me to remind me of the work He’s called me to do. Through His words, I find my own.

This morning as I was reading through Psalm 55, I came across a verse that instantly brought my book to mind. I love it when Scripture does that, don’t you? I love it when God doesn’t let us forget!

In the 21st verse, David is mourning over a friend’s betrayal and says, “The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.” What a picture he painted with those words. I can almost see the painful expression in his eyes.

Thoughts of my main character and his own struggle over bitterness jumped to mind as I was reading. I glanced up from the page in my lap and started forming words and stringing together a story on a page in my mind. Just when I wasn’t looking for it, God lit another spark to my story and breathed new inspiration. Suddenly there were fireworks again.

David’s words throughout the Psalms sweep through so many different emotions that my characters are facing as well. They can relate to his struggles as well as his victories. That’s why I’m so excited to include portions from the Psalms in my book-in-progress and why I am so blessed every time God reveals Himself through His Word.

Writers are always told that to write well they must read well. I would add that they must also read the Scripture well. Others books make great tools, but our greatest teacher will always be the original Author of life and love Himself.

In Charles Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening devotional, he writes encouraging Christians to always seek the face of Christ every day before we ever see the face of another person. What a lovely way to start our day. It seems so obvious and yet I often struggle to set aside time every day to spend with Him. We can’t forget as Christians – and as writers – the importance of Christ’s fellowship in our lives. How can we write if our hearts are not replenished with His fresh truths and mercies every morning?

If you’re lacking inspiration, it may be that you need to redirect your focus to the head of the fountain and not to the pool beneath. I pray the Lord will establish that discipline in my life and in yours as well. Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord. Just imagine what discoveries we will find in Him!

I enjoy drawing inspiration from so many things, but finding it in the Bible is by far my favorite way to discover it. Nothing excites me more than to live in our Savior’s service.

fireworks3What about you? When do ideas and inspiration tend to flood your heart and mind?

Is there a particular place, a special song, or a favorite activity that sparks new words to life? Has a Scripture verse ever jumped out at you? If so, please share below!