James: Mercy Triumphs - My Review  | The Engrafted WordThis week I finished my 3rd study workbook by Beth Moore. I’ve spent the last few months reading, studying, and learning my way through the book of Esther in the company of some great women. Esther, of course. πŸ™‚ Beth, naturally. And my Mom, my faithful, praying, study partner. I don’t know if you’ve ever done a study by Beth Moore, but let me tell you this – every single one is a journey.

That got me thinking… What better time than this to share my thoughts on the three devotional books that have left a huge impact on my heart and in my life?Β  PLUS, how about throwing a GIVEAWAY with a twist? πŸ˜‰

So here’s what I’m going to do. Today I’m going to post my review of the first study book I ever did, which was James: Mercy Triumphs. Then be watching in the next couple of weeks for my other 2 reviews – David: Seeking a Heart Like His and Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman. At the mention of each name, vivid memories of lessons I laughed and cried my way through come to mind and I find myself smiling.

I’m so excited to share them with you that at the end of this brief series of reviews, I will be giving away a free copy – WINNER’S CHOICE – of James, David, or Esther. That’s right, you pick! Anyone who leaves a comment on any of the 3 reviews will be registered in the drawing.

James: Mercy Triumphs - My Review  | The Engrafted WordSo let me tell you a little bit about James.

In this book, readers get an up close and personal introduction to one of the early church pillars of the faith – a man named James, the brother of Jesus. Before doing this study, I wasn’t overly familiar with James as a person. I’d read the book of James, of course, but I knew much less about the author himself. Through extensive Biblical research, Beth Moore helps us get to know who he was and shows us how his back-story was connected with his God-given ministry.

The heart of the study then turns towards the words within James and those verses, both challenging and poetic, that often read like pieces of Proverbs. There are so many wonderful matters of the heart and lessons of truth in those 5 chapters. You really can’t read James without discovering something that can be applied to your own life.

The in-depth, yet personalized approach of the study brought many wonderful thought-provoking questions to mind. What good is your faith? How do you face hardship? Is it really possible to bridle your tongue? Where does wisdom truly come from? What does a life of humility and prayer look like?

James: Mercy Triumphs - My Review  | The Engrafted WordThis was my first time reading anything by Beth Moore and I was quickly enthralled with her writing style, her humble and humorous heart, and faithful love for the Lord. Whether you go through one of her studies on your own or with a study group, I believe there is much to be gleaned from her words.

James: Mercy Triumphs further encouraged me to dig deeper into Scripture and dwell there and showed me just how delightful and challenging memorizing the Word can be. I also enjoyed learning more about the early Christians and the different ministries of Paul, Peter, and the apostles. I highly, highly recommend it.

P.S. It was during this study that the Lord drew me to “The Engrafted Word.” (James 1:21) πŸ˜‰

For more info on James: Mercy Triumphs, click here.

James: Mercy Triumphs - My Review  | The Engrafted WordGIVEAWAY!!

I’m giving away one free copy of David, Esther, or James – WINNER’S CHOICE!


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