The Captive Imposter - My ReviewBy now it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Dawn Crandall’s books. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her Everstone Chronicles series and her latest installment – The Captive Imposter – read just as smoothly and satisfying as the rest. It begins with well-planted promises of intrigue and romance and concluded just as well, leaving this reader’s heart happily content.

One of my favorite things, in similar fashion to the previous two in the series, was that it felt like I spent the entire story with the hero and heroine. I LOVED that! I liked Estella with her secrets and the inner turmoil she faced of finding her true self under disguise. And I really liked Dexter, especially the strength his presence and friendship gives our girl, along with his abrupt honesty and simple faith.

 It’s not every book that I can say I enjoyed every setting and every scene, but it is true here. There’s something to take away from each pivotal moment. I know I won’t be the only reader wooed and won over by the dialogue and timeless charm that’s characteristic of so many beloved literary classics.

While this story felt a little simpler and less complicated to me than the others, I liked it that way. And once again, the quotes that preface each chapter greatly enhanced the story’s development and mystery. I didn’t want to say goodbye to this series just yet. Can’t wait for what’s to come next!

Thank you to Whitaker House and the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



Sent away for protection, hotel heiress Estella Everstone finds herself living undercover as a lady’s companion named Elle Stoneburner at one of her father’s opulent hotels in the mountains of Maine—the one she’d always loved best and always hoped to own one day, Everston. The one thing she doesn’t like about the situation is that her ex-fiancé is in the area and is set on marrying someone else. Reeling from her feelings of being unwanted and unworthy, Estella reluctantly forms a friendship with the gruff manager of Everston, Dexter Blakeley, who seems to have something against wealthy young socialites with too much money, although they are just the kind of people Everston caters to.

When Estella finds herself in need of help, Dexter comes to the rescue with an offer she can’t refuse. She sees no other choice aside from going back home to her family and accepts the position as companion to his sister. Throughout her interactions with Dexter, she can’t deny the pull that’s evidenced between them every time he comes near. Estella realizes that while she’s been hiding behind a false name and identity, she’s never been freer to be herself than when she’s with Dexter Blakeley. But will he still love her when he finds out she’s Estella Everstone? She’s not entirely sure.


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The Captive Imposter - My Review


Dawn Crandall writes long inspirational historical romantic suspense from first person point of view. She has a BA in Christian Education from Taylor University and lives in northeast Indiana with her ever-supportive husband, her three cats [Lilly, Pumpkin and Clover] and their newest addition, a little baby boy.

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