Recently, I saw a friend post on Instagram about how she was watching Downton Abbey again.  I commented back about how I was doing the same–Downton Abbey is such a wonderful show that you can never watch it too much, right?!  Do you find yourself rewatching beloved shows at this time?  It is so nice to be able to escape to the land of books or enter another world through the magic of dramatic stories on television.  What shows have become your favorites?

On an equal note, it is so amazing to realize that the Lord gave so many individuals the wonderful talent and ability to create stories that in turn we all get to enjoy.  I do not consider myself to be a great writer, but I love that the Lord gave me a love for the written word, and that He enabled me to take part in such an incredible literary journey–earning two English degrees and writing pieces so that I can share my story with you.  What wonderful gifts He gives to His children!

I know that last week I spoke about gratefulness, but now I want to consider the goodness of Christ in our lives.  What moments in your life do you recognize as coming from the Lord?  I so enjoy hearing people’s stories, because they are so encouraging, and we all need to be encouraged right now. For me, without Jesus’ help, I would be unable to endure the things this life brings.  I hope you are doing well friends–I thank God for each of you!