South Was RightAs you might imagine, this book is hard to describe. The title alone draws much emotion and creates inevitable intrigue. I borrowed it from my brother’s bookshelf, eager to read “the other side” of the history we all grew up knowing. And boy, did this book deliver.

From its first page to its last, there is SO much information and so many pieces of history I’ve never read before. The authors in no way make an argument for slavery, but rather point out the many various motives, first-hand accounts, and recorded actions of those involved both North and South.

The readers get to travel quite a journey and uncover lots of pieces to a much-larger puzzle. We learn how the states lived and co-existed prior to the war and read the words of many well known individuals from that time, including many founding fathers as well as President Lincoln and President Davis. Chapters cover everything from the far-reaching effects and influences of the Constitution and competing political agendas to the myths surrounding the Civil War now and then and even some eerie coincidences between the government from that day and today.

South was RightI will confess The South Was Right was hard to read at times, due to the long chapters, some repetitive sections, and the intricate and emotional theme. In all honesty, it broke my heart. I was captivated and challenged by it and overwhelmed every time I picked it up.

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a heart for the South and have long wanted to know more than just the stories I learned during my school days. As Napoleon Bonaparte wrote, “History is written by the winners.”  I wanted to hear the other side. And believe me, this book gives you a lot to ponder!

No matter what opinions you hold or what part of the country you call home, I strongly encourage everyone with any interest in history to pick up this book and read it with an open mind.

This is definitely one that I will be using in future homeschooling days with my kids. I’m looking forward to the great discussions and lessons this book will undoubtedly stir up. Its theme – the importance for education, history, loyalty, truth, and patriotism – jump from the pages. This book encourages its readers to think for themselves and never stop asking questions.  Read it and see what you think!

For more information, you can find the book here on Amazon.