When Dawn Breaks - My ReviewThis heartfelt story sweeps readers through different seasons of life and offers a message of hope to all ages. Following a devastating hurricane, the paths of unlikely friends cross and their faith is challenged. It’s a book full of new beginnings for everyone involved in the story.

When Dawn Breaks deals honestly with relationship problems of all shapes and sizes. As in real life, no one is perfect and each of the characters face up-and-down difficulties that try their love and their courage. It was a unique story for me. I appreciated the heart of Jacqueline, especially, who felt the call to serve and be obedient to the Lord despite her age, weaknesses, and past sins. She was a unique heroine. I have no doubt we all can relate to her journey.

I’m one of those readers who prefers a more historical setting, so this modern backdrop wasn’t exactly my favorite. That’s not to say it wasn’t well written, because it was. I’m just not sure I quite matched the “ideal audience” for this book. In the midst of things, the heroine is dealing with menopause and parenting and the hero has been a widower for 5 years and faces a huge career change. It covers some mature topics that make it the perfect choice for seasoned readers.

That said, I value its lessons and the reminder to persevere and serve no matter the fears, insecurities, or regrets that hinder you. God, in his merciful, wonderful way, can use even the weakest to show His unconditional love and strength to another.

While there were a few unlikable characters in this book, the growth of the leading characters and the plot was strong. It was all very real. It’s one of those books I think will impact a lot of readers’ lives and encourage them. Above all, it’s a book about grace. And that always makes for a beautiful story. πŸ˜‰

Thank you to Jennifer Slattery for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



As the hurricane forces Jacqueline to evacuate, her need for purpose and restitution forces her to head north to her estranged and embittered daughter and into the arms of a handsome new friend. Dealing with his own issues, Jacqueline isn’t sure if he will be the one she can lean on during the difficult days ahead. And then there are the three orphans to consider, especially Gavin. Must she relinquish her chance at having love again in order to be restored?


When Dawn Breaks - My ReviewABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Jennifer SlatteryΒ writes soul-stirring fiction for New Hope Publishers, a publishing house passionate about bringing God’s healing grace and truth to the hopeless. She also writes for Crosswalk.com, Internet CafΓ© Devotions, and the group blog, Faith-filled Friends. When not writing, Jennifer loves going on mall dates with her teenage daughter and coffee dates with her handsome railroader husband.

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