Researching at the home of one of my characters…

Researching at the home of one of my characters…

I’ve always been a reader, but not always a writer. Honestly, I didn’t even have the slightest inclination to write a book until – all of a sudden – it hit me. I scribbled a story onto the pages of one of my journals at the time. I was 16, enjoying a summer day on my family’s farm, when the inspiration struck.

That story itself didn’t turn out all that spectacular, but it was – and still is – important to me. Why? That’s when the Lord whispered to my heart to start writing.

Years passed and my love for stories and writing just kept growing. Every day I learned a little more about the craft and the joy that comes with it. I finished school at home and started writing freelance articles. When that first published article (and check! ;)) arrived in the mail with my name on it, I literally jumped up and down. I was shocked and humbled to witness the Lord breathing life into my little words. My first words in print! That was in 2010.

At Gettysburg in 2013

At Gettysburg in 2013

Today, I’m currently wrapping up my first historical fiction novel, set in 1863 Missouri. I’ve carried this story with me for 6+ years, so you can imagine how excited I am to be nearing The End. I’d love to have you with me on this road ahead.

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As for my blog, I started The Engrafted Word in 2014, as a way to connect with other readers and writers. The name came from a verse in James. My hope was to make this a place where book friends could celebrate the stories God has placed on their hearts. And also to share this crazy writing journey together, honoring the greatest Author of all time, our Engrafted Word.

What an incredible blessing it has been so far. The interviews have introduced me to so many wonderful author friends and the reviews not only have been fun, but also helpful in teaching this aspiring author how to actually pen stories to paper.

If you were to ask me why I write, I’d probably give you a much longer answer than you would want. 😉 Writers are wordy people, what can I say? How about I just give you a couple reasons…

-I WRITE because the Lord inspires me and I can’t help but want to create stories that speak of His love, faithfulness, forgiveness, sovereignty, and salvation.

-I WRITE because I know what it’s like to be taken on an adventure through a wonderful book and I want to take readers on an adventure with me.

-I WRITE because I love history and want to share interesting, unknown stories with others.

-I WRITE because it challenges me and has changed the world around me.

It’s really quite simple. It gives me joy. I hope my words will encourage you too.

This song sums it up perfectly…

“This is my story and this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long.”

“To tell you my story is to tell of Him.”


“For of him, and through him, and to him are all things;
to whom be glory forever.”

Romans 11:36


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