About a month after reading this novel, I heard the term bluestocking spoken and discussed in a scene from the Masterpiece series Victoria.  Have you watched it?  It is so lovely!  The characters are brilliantly written, and the historical stories are so incredible to learn from and understand–the idea of living in the Victorian era is quite interesting.

Back to Sally Britton’s story–The Bluestocking Bride–this is an intriguing tale of the journey of Ellen Bringhurst.  She is the bluestocking, and if you are wondering what that means, the term bluestocking makes reference to a woman who is highly intelligent and educated by books.  Unfortunately, during the Regency period, this declaration was a horrific statement to make, because a woman was not to be educated in this manner.  Her purpose was to marry and to have children, thereby leaving the intellectual decisions to her husband.  Ellen desires no such thing.  She wants to marry for love but to also marry someone who appreciates her passion for the written word.  Could there be such a man?

Marcus must marry.  Yet the pressure he feels from his family does not help him to move forward in this area of his life.  How can he pursue a lady he does not love?  Fortunately one distraction for him is an eagerness to visit his childhood friends, and he is surprised to be reacquainted with Ellen–a very young girl in his memory who used to follow him around when they were children.  Obviously, Ellen is much changed, and there is so much he does not know about her–so much he wishes to learn.  However, deep down, he knows Ellen is concealing a secret.  Will she trust him enough to let her guard down–perhaps even open her heart a little?

If you enjoy reading stories from the Regency era, you will love this book!  This particular novel is the third book in the Branches of Love series by Sally Britton.  I’m so excited to read the rest of the series–it is always wonderful to discover new books to read!  Have a wonderful week friends and happy reading!

About The Book

Overlooked by society and underappreciated in her family, Ellen Bringhurst has resigned herself to spinsterhood and a life of reading. Until her match-making friends contrive to reintroduce Ellen to the man she has secretly loved since their shared childhood.

As the younger son to an earl, Marcus Calvert must wed in order to inherit his estate. Still nursing a broken heart, he prefers a practical approach to matrimony rather than romantic love. When Ellen is presented as a possible bride, he proposes a marriage of convenience.

Ellen accepts his hand, hiding her feelings rather than risking her husband’s rejection. Marcus, though determined not to expose his heart again, finds more to admire in his childhood friend with each passing day. What began as a sensible arrangement now has the possibility to become so much more. But is Marcus willing to risk his heart a second time?

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About the Author

Sally Britton lives in Oklahoma, but loves to go off exploring with her husband and four children.  She started writing her first story on her mother’s electric typewriter, when she was fourteen years old.  She knew romance was the way for her to go fairly early on.  Reading her way through Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and Lucy Maud Montgomery, Sally also determined she wanted to write about the elegant, complex world of centuries past.

Sally graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with a bachelor’s in English, her emphasis on British literature.  She met and married her husband not long after and they’ve been building their happily ever after since that day.

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