I hope everyone is having a lovely summer.  Most people know that summer is my favorite season, and even though I love fall colors and clothing, I cringe every time the weather begins to turn chilly.  Summer just never seems to last long enough.

Do you have any favorite times where you hope the moment will never end?  I know that life does not let us pause long enough to enjoy every single day—it would be so nice if we could hit the rewind button in order to go back to a particular memory.  Why are we so busy, and why do we have to let our schedule dictate every precious minute?  For myself, I wish I could spend more time with my family and friends, but certain obligations and responsibilities constantly show up and keep me from what I would prefer to be doing.

For Prayer Pals this week, I would like to remind you that each day is a gift.  You and I are so blessed to wake up each morning and start the day afresh (Revelation 21:5).  Rejoice in that!  I know that sometimes I forget to thank the Lord for every moment He gives to me, but I want to do better in future.  So, with me, let us praise the Lord this week for all that He has given us.  He is an amazing and awesome Father, and He loves us so much.

Savanna and I thank the Lord for all of you, and we are praying for you this week.  Have a safe and happy Labor Day this weekend friends!