I love a good mystery, so when I saw this novel at my local bookstore, I decided to pick it up.  I confess though, my eye was drawn to the cover because of the corgi on the front–a cute puppy and a mystery?  Sounds like an excellent idea to me!

The story starts with an introduction to the main character, Beatrice, who is set to marry the local minister, Wyatt.  Of course, when preparing for a wedding, nothing goes according to plan.  In fact, more events transpire for this couple than most you would ever know, because murder preceded their big day.  If things were not complicated enough, family members are the immediate suspects, and many individuals in town are trying to help solve the case–including Beatrice.  She just cannot seem to figure out who might be to blame, but then she does not know the victim’s family all that well.  Just when things appear to make sense, another nightmare takes place.

There are so many characters to get to know within the pages of this book, and Beatrice’s life is very active.  So much so that at times it made me tired!  But her love and knowledge of the people that surround her is apparent, including her love for her fiancé.  As Wyatt tries his best to care for the grieving family, can Beatrice help put their mind at ease by cracking the case?

If you enjoy mysteries, I recommend adding this book to your bookshelf.  I was excited to see that Elizabeth Craig has ten books in her Southern Quilting Mystery series!  Happy reading friends and stay safe!

About the Book

As Beatrice’s wedding day approaches, murder finds a way to make her pressed for time.  Beatrice and Wyatt’s days are spent planning their cozy, chapel wedding.  Both widowed, they mean to keep their wedding an intimate, family affair.  But everyone in Dappled Hills still wants to celebrate the happy couple. Beatrice and Wyatt find themselves at dinners, picnics, and barbeques in their honor.  When one of the festivities goes deadly wrong, Beatrice must try to unveil the killer before making her vows.

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About the Author

Elizabeth is the bestselling cozy mystery author of the Southern Quilting Mysteries, Myrtle Clover Cozy Mysteries, the upcoming Village Library Mysteries, and Memphis Barbeque Mysteries for Penguin Random House, Midnight Ink, and independently.  Follow her on Twitter where she shares writing links, or at her blog where she offers tips for writers.

She lives in Matthews, North Carolina with her husband and is the mother of two.  Find out more about her books by signing up for her newsletter on her website.  You can also find Elizabeth on Facebook and Instagram.