Laura Rollins is a newly discovered author for me, and I can honestly say I cannot wait to read her other stories.  This particular book, Silver Bells and Secrets, was an absolutely wonderful book!  And I am so happy to learn that there will be two more books in this series–with the second book coming out this December, which of course is perfect timing for the Christmas season. 

As I have stated before, I love Christmas stories, but there never seems to be enough time in December to get all the reading done that I would like.  Thankfully, I was able to finish three Christmas books this month, and this Regency story was one of them.  This text focuses on two characters–Lord Ezra Weston and Miss Grace Stewart.  Of course, other characters get in the mix to make these two people’s lives a bit hectic and crazy–although, Lord Ezra seems to accomplish creating havoc all on his own!  Miss Stewart is quite observant regarding the Earl’s mishaps and wonders why he of all people would be so concerned with her.  After all, she is far below his station in society.

Lord Ezra hopes to catch the attention of Miss Stewart but knows that doing so will cause gossip among the others.  How can an Earl find an appropriate moment to talk with Miss Stewart alone, especially when such an action would be frowned upon.  Yet there is a great secret he carries, and with every day that passes, his struggles are starting to overwhelm him to a point that he believes his heart and the heart of Miss Stewart will forever be broken.  Can he mend his erroneous actions?

If you love Christmas stories, I recommend reading this one!  I know I will be reading the next book in the series as well as Rollins’ A Dickens of a Christmas series.  Happy reading friends!

About The Book

Grace plans to marry the host of their Christmas house party.
Ezra has only until it ends to convince her otherwise.

Lord Ezra Weston has done something incredibly stupid. Through a series of events he prefers not to consider too closely, he has begun a written correspondence with Miss Grace Stewart under the guise of being his own sister. She’s witty, considerate, and as much in need of a friend as he is. So, why not continue? That is, until Grace writes and says she’s set her cap at someone. In only a few words, Ezra realizes he hasn’t only made a friend these past many months, he’s fallen in love.

As an earl, Ezra can get himself invited to the Christmas house party hosted by Grace’s would-be husband. But once there, how does he plead his case? Either he loses Grace’s trust and friendship, or he loses his one chance at happiness. But that seems only fitting, seeing as he’s already lost his heart.

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About the Author

Laura Rollins has always loved a heart-melting happily ever after. It didn’t matter if the story took place in Regency England, or in a cobbler’s shop, if there was a sweet romance, she would read it.​

Life has given her many of her own adventures. Currently she lives in the Rocky Mountains with her best-friend, who is also her husband, and their four beautiful children. She still loves to read books and more books; her favorite types of music are classical, Broadway, and country; she loves hiking in the mountains near her home; and she’s been known to debate with her oldest son about whether Infinity is better categorized as a number or an idea.

She can be found online at:  Website / Instagram