The Butterfly and The Violin - My Review  | The Engrafted WordWhat an incredible, mesmerizing story!  This book stole my heart the moment I began reading it and with great magnetism it held me captive until the end.  Full of intriguing mystery, fascinating history, and an epic love story readers won’t soon forget, The Butterfly and The Violin embodies the power and purpose of beautiful storytelling.  I read to discover books like this.

Though there are dark moments and heartbeats of unfathomable sorrow, there were so many moments of hope and beauty that enlighten the tale and entrance the reader.  My eyes filled with tears more than once at the sovereign, faithful hand of God painted so beautifully throughout the story.

All the various aspects of the setting, the story, and the theme – along with the characters’ back-stories, their quests, and their growth – connected in all the right places and progressed at just the right pace for me.  In fact, it flowed so naturally from chapter to chapter, the book was very hard to put down.  I was hooked with every page I turned.

Even as I hopped between the two different time periods, I found myself invested in both stories.  I cared for every single one of the characters and their goals. I wish I could say that about every novel I’ve read, but I can’t.  Some times I wind up a little bored during certain scenes where my favorite individuals aren’t present.  This was not the case with The Butterfly and The Violin.  Every character was dear to my heart. I eagerly followed along with Sera and William’s story as much as I did Adele and Vladimir’s.  And I loved how the hidden, separated pieces of the story eventually connected together.  I know you will too. 😉

This debut novel – inside and out – is truly a stunning piece of art itself.  I can’t sing its praises enough.  It will challenge you, bless you, and surprise you.  One of the best books I’ve read this year, The Butterfly and The Violin is bound to become a beloved favorite of many.  It certainly became one of mine.

This review is my honest opinion.  Thanks to the publisher for my copy.



Today. Sera James spends most of her time arranging auctions for the art world’s elite clientele. When her search to uncover an original portrait of an unknown Holocaust victim leads her to William Hanover III, they learn that this painting is much more than it seems.

Vienna, 1942. Adele Von Bron has always known what was expected of her. As a prodigy of Vienna’s vast musical heritage, this concert violinist intends to carry on her family’s tradition and play with the Vienna Philharmonic. But when the Nazis learn that she helped smuggle Jews out of the city, Adele is taken from her promising future and thrust into the horrifying world of Auschwitz.

The veil of innocence is lifted to expose a shuddering presence of evil, and Adele realizes that her God-given gift is her only advantage; she must play. Becoming a member of the Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz, she fights for survival. Adele’s barbed-wire walls begin to kill her hope as the months drag into nearly two years in the camp. With surprising courage against the backdrop of murder and despair, Adele finally confronts a question that has been tugging at her heart: Even in the midst of evil, can she find hope in worshipping God with her gift?

As Sera and William learn more about the subject of the mysterious portrait—Adele—they are reminded that whatever horrors one might face, God’s faithfulness never falters.


The Butterfly and The Violin - My Review  | The Engrafted Word


Kristy Cambron’s been fascinated with the WWII Era since hearing her grandfather’s stories of his experiences as a B-17 co-pilot in the war. She writes WWII and Regency Era historical Christian fiction titles. THE BUTTERFLY AND THE VIOLIN, Book One in the Hidden Masterpiece series on the prisoner camp art of the Holocaust releases from Thomas Nelson Publishers (Harper Collins Christian Publishing) July 15, 2014. A SPARROW IN TEREZIN (Hidden Masterpiece #2) will release in April, 2015.

She’s a proud Hoosier, living in Indiana with her husband and three football-loving sons, where she can probably be bribed with a coconut mocha latte and a good Christian fiction read. The last and most important thing? Jesus is awesome. Let her tell you about Him sometime. 🙂