At Peace in the Storm - My Review  | The Engrafted WordAs I write this review, severe weather is thundering its way across my home state of Missouri. And I do NOT like storms! There’s been lightening, thunder, rain, and strong winds around me all day. Kinda fitting, huh? πŸ˜‰ This book delivers just what the title promises – stories of hope and peace amidst ALL kinds of life storms. The beautiful focus throughout is set on the sovereignty of God and how He works all things – even the “bad” things – for our good and for His glory.

A great addition to your study time, At Peace In the Storm is broken down into easy-to-read chapters by the author to reveal different perspectives of divine peace in the soul. He shares stories and wonderful quotes from people from Biblical days up to the present day, reminding us that no one is alone who knows God. He touches on many various types of storms or hardships in our lives, including illness and loss, and points his readers beyond the present pain to our true Refuge. (The hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul” comes to mind.)

At Peace in the Storm - My Review  | The Engrafted WordThrough chapters such as “Peace through Prayer“, “Peace from God’s Word“, and “Peace in God’s Creation“, I was reminded to always seek the Lord first in my sorrow and become a better listener to His voice. From other chapters, like “Peace through Serving Others” and “Peace through the Body of Christ“, I was convicted to be a better servant and peacemaker among others. “Peace in and through Music” was another favorite portion of mine. I certainly could relate to music calming my spirit on many occasions.

At certain points, it did grow a little repetitive for me, but I have no doubt that this book will encourage many readers. It is an enjoyable, light read that I hope to pass along to my family and friends. I hope you’ll check it out too!

I know this book goes a little outside the genres I typically read and review, but when the title and summary caught my eye, I knew I wanted to read it.

“An inspirational and thoughtful look at biblical characters and stories that will encourage readers going through difficult times.” (Provided by publisher)

The theme of this book not only encouraged me, it also encouraged the lives of my fictional characters. We all know that within well-written fiction there lies deep truths. And our characters are usually facing severe storms in their own little worlds just like we fight every day ourselves. I believe there’s a lot in this book that writers could apply to their own lives as well as their stories. May we and our fictional friends never forget our need for our Savior. And may we always be found at His feet, not just during the storms, but always.

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the publishers at Bethany House for my copy.



When You Need a Savior Who Stills the Wind

“Here’s the rub about faith. Sure, prayer often changes outward things, but the only guaranteed miracle God offers us is inner peace, the peace of Christ. A peace so crazy deep that it cannot be analyzed or understood. It descends on us even when everything else is falling apart, while the drug-addicted child does not come to his senses, or the job offer doesn’t pan out, or the cancer rages and the marriage is a hollow mess. But I’ll let you in on a secret. This miracle of the ‘inner variety,’ this inexplicable and supernatural calm in the storm, is the greatest miracle you’ll ever experience.”

Bestselling author Ken Gire weaves together stories from the Bible, history, and his own life to reveal how we can find strength and encouragement through the storms of life. Experience the joy of knowing the God who is always there to reach out a hand and pull you out of the waves.


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