Writer Behind the Words



Kimberly Joy spent sixteen years in Australia, teaching kindergarten and working in church ministries. She and her three teenage sons now live in the Missouri Ozarks, where she operates a small daycare and blogs at www.kimberlyjoyauthor.com.



Welcome to the blog, Kim! I’m so happy to have you here today, my local ACFW pal! 🙂

So tell us… When did you first start writing?

About ten years ago, I wrote a novel to enter in a contest, then put it on the shelf and, along with it, my dreams of writing. A couple years ago, I recognized my desire to write was a gift from God that He could use for His glory. I attended a writers’ conference, began to learn and grow as a writer, and started a blog in which I seek to encourage believers in their walk with God.

What are you working on right now?

I’m writing a devotional book for women, inspired by my work as a daycare provider. In Devotions from the Daycare, 31 Life Lessons Learned while Chasing Toddlers, I use real-life stories to bring encouragement and teach spiritual truths. It always amazes me how much I learn from the children I care for each day. They are akin to little walking object lessons!

I love this idea for a book. I can’t wait to read it someday. 🙂

What’s something you love about your home state?

I was blessed to live in Australia for sixteen years, and now I live in southern Missouri. I loved walking the paddocks (pastures) surrounding our home in Australia, watching the kangaroos bound effortlessly over fences. Here in Missouri, I enjoy hiking with my boys, soaking up the beauty of the Ozark hills.

Too bad we don’t see kangaroos here! 😉 That would be so cool!

What’s one of your favorite books?

I grew up with the books of Janette Oke, and her Love Comes Softly series was probably my first love, if books can be a first love! My favorite nonfiction book is Streams in the Desert. Though I’ve read it over and over, it never fails to bring comfort in the “desert times” of my life. I dream of one day writing such a book, a book that brings healing to broken hearts.

That series by Janette Oke was one of my early favorites too. It reminds me of my grandma because she had the complete set and I’d always read them at her house.

What is one of your favorite Scripture verses?

My life verse is Isaiah 40:31, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Though there are times in my life when I feel weak, God never fails to give the love, strength, and comfort I need.

A wonderful verse, a beautiful reminder.

Can you share with us a special moment from your writing journey so far?

My first article for a Christian publication was memorable in the fact I was unaware my article had been accepted. (Just because we live in the age of email doesn’t always mean perfect communication.) I opened my box at the post office and pulled out a check and contract. I was so surprised and excited I had to stifle a scream. We live in a small town, after all, and I didn’t want people spreading rumors about that crazy daycare lady who blogs. 😊

Haha! Congratulations!! I am soooo excited for you.

What’s been one of the most challenging aspects of writing?

I’m a single mom of three teenagers as well as running a daycare, so my biggest challenge is finding the time to write. At present, I use naptime at my daycare as my writing time. It’s not ideal, but I do manage to get some writing done in between fixing bottles and cleaning up the daycare kitchen!

Name a few authors who inspire you.

To me, the most inspiring authors are the writers in my local ACFW group. They welcomed me with open arms and cheered me on as I took those first few halting steps toward my writing dreams. They are each at various stages of writing and publication, and the knowledge and encouragement they have given me has been invaluable.

We love you, Kim!! 🙂

Can you share a word of advice to other writers out there on the road to publication?

If you are afraid to do something, do it anyway. When I first starting writing, I was terrified—of what people would think, of being a failure, of chasing a dream that might turn into ash in my hands. I still have to fight the demons of fear nearly every time I push the “publish” button on my blog, or submit an article for publication. I’ve learned that the only way to conquer the fear is to do the thing that scares me.

That is powerful advice, my friend. You are exactly right! That’s a good reminder for me as well. We all battle fears on a daily basis. The only way to get over them is to face them. 🙂

Hugs to you, Kim! Thanks for joining us today. Praying the Lord continues to bless and guide you as you write for Him.