One of my favorite places to visit is Walt Disney World. I love everything about it. The rides, the food, and the ambiance take me to another place—a world of fantasy and magic—where dreams really do come true. It is no surprise that many people love visiting this destination too, and I think there are several key words that tie into this. Family, simplicity, childhood, and wonder are just a few of the reasons to love Disney World. It truly is a place like no other. As most know, life can be so difficult and hectic, but taking a moment to enjoy the wonders of Disney will bring back those times of fun and happiness, which unfortunately in our busyness are important parts of life we forget to entertain. Walt Disney wanted families to connect and perhaps even reconnect while enjoying spending the day with each other, and I believe he fulfilled his life’s mission in the creation of Disney World.

Even though Disney can be a place of tranquility, it is nothing compared to the peace I find in Jesus. I know this might be a startling connection to make in this post, but Christ’s love gives me something I can barely put into words, because His care takes me through life. Disney gives me momentary joy, but Jesus gives me a forever joy, and I know that with His help and guidance, I can face the ups and downs of life.

As I get older, I believe the truth of God’s love hits me harder and harder. Growing up, I learned about Christ’s miracles and what He did for others, and I read where He healed the sick and sacrificed Himself to save the world. How can these messages ever get old? But sometimes, in our haste, we forget these simple truths. Jesus love you. Jesus loves me, and He gave everything to be with us. This deep magic, that C.S. Lewis talks about, is overwhelming, and gives me so much to consider that I cannot even begin to understand this kind of love.

Years ago, the Christian group 4Him wrote a song entitled “That Kind of Love.” I think this song will help you understand what I am trying to say. Here are the words to the chorus:

Then I saw the way You saw Me
As my heart let You come in
And I know I felt You hold me
When You told me I could live
Safe in Your arms
That’s what I want
That kind of love

I am so grateful to have this kind of love, and I pray you have it too. Knowing Jesus equals a kind of wonder and happiness this world cannot give. Disney World might be my happy place but belonging to Jesus is where I find my true joy.