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Interview with Becky Wade & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordBecky’s a California native who attended Baylor University, met a Texas boy, and settled in Dallas. She published historical romances for the ABA, then put her career on hold for several years to care for her three children. When God called her back to writing, Becky knew He meant for her to turn her attention to Christian fiction. She loves writing funny, modern, and inspirational contemporary romance! Her CBA debut, My Stubborn Heart, was a finalist in both the RITA and INSPY awards. Undeniably Yours kicked off her Texas-set Porter Family series. Her newest contemporary romance, Meant to Be Mine, has just hit shelves! For more info, visit

Welcome to The Engrafted Word, Becky! It’s wonderful to have you here!

Savanna:Β  Since you are a romantic-at-heart like the rest of us, what is your favorite romantic movie and favorite romantic book? πŸ˜‰

Becky:Β  My favorite romantic movie is the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth. Watching it while sitting on the sofa with my dog (because His Highness instantly leaves the room when I put it on) is pretty much bliss for me.

It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite romantic book of all time. Too many! Too many! Instead, I’ll share that my most recent favorite was Love’s Reckoning by Laura Frantz. It’s beautiful, lyrical, and emotional.

Interview with Becky Wade & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordSavanna:Β  So many good ones to choose from, I know!Β  So what made you pick Texas for the setting of your newest release? Another beautiful cover, I gotta throw that in there. πŸ˜‰

Becky: I set Meant to Be Mine in Texas because it’s my home state.

Savanna: Can you tell us some of the pros and cons to writing a story set in your home state?

Becky:Β  Pro:Β  I’m inspired by the Texan men I’ve met. To me, they represent a wonderful blend of goodness, humility, faithfulness, humor, and toughness.

Pro:Β  I have a soft spot in my heart for the charming old towns that dot Texas (and also make a warm and inviting setting for a novel).

Pro:Β  I’m familiar with how people who live here dress, think, speak. I know what we eat, drink, which freeways we drive on, etc. It has made research a snap and lent authenticity to my stories.

Con:Β  It’s really hot here in the summer time. Blistering. It’s so hot that a Texas summer doesn’t make an appealing backdrop for a romantic novel. I was able to add a dash of summer swelter to Meant To Be Mine, but you’ll find that all the other Porter Family novels will take place in spring, fall, or winter.

Con:Β  Not all readers may like Texas settings and cowboys (gasp) so I may lose some readers right there in the bookstore aisle.

Interview with Becky Wade & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordSavanna:Β  With each novel from your Porter Family Series focused on a different sibling, do you think one of their stories was – or will be – harder to write than the others? If so, can you tell us why?

Becky: I think the final book, Dru’s book, will be the hardest to write. By then I’ll have all the other siblings and their families to work into the storyline. In a sense that book will be the end of four love stories, not just one. I’ll have a lot of things to tie up WHILE trying to craft a strong stand-alone novel for readers who pick up Dru’s book without having read any of the previous Porter Family novels.

Savanna: I’m intrigued already. πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to read it!

What’s one of your favorite things about writing contemporary Christian fiction?

Becky:Β  The fact that it perfectly suits my writer’s voice. I can say what I mean bluntly and write about subjects that we can all relate to. Contemporary stories are fun and modern and they make a much better foil for my sense of humor than my old historical manuscripts ever did.

Interview with Becky Wade & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordSavanna: What is one of your most unforgettable moments from your writing career to date?

Becky:Β  After I signed a contract with Bethany House for My Stubborn Heart, Bethany flew me to their headquarters in Minneapolis for a weekend.

What a joy! Dani Pettrey, Regina Jennings, and Nancy Mehl were there with me. We got to meet all the editors, the sales and marketing teams, the designers. We toured the offices and were treated to several meals with staffers. It was the most fabulous and surreal experience. The whole time I was giddy inside, praising God, and marveling over the fact that these people — miracle of miracles — actually liked my manuscript. I still think about that weekend with a smile.

Savanna: Wow! What a memory! Thanks for sharing, Becky, and thanks for joining us. Have fun celebrating today’s OFFICIAL RELEASE of Meant to be Mine too! πŸ˜€ Congratulations!

Last, but not least, how can readers keep in touch with you?

Becky: Thank you for inviting me, Savanna! Readers can connect with me on my website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

There are downloads, sign-ups, and freebiesβ€”valuable resources that I hope stir your passion for God and His Word. So take your time. Look around. Visit often. – See more at:

Interview with Becky Wade & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted Word


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