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Interview with Myra Johnson & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordMyra Johnson’s roots go deep into Texas soil, but she now enjoys living amidst the scenic beauty of North Carolina. Myra’s debut novel, One Imperfect Christmas, was a September 2009 release from Abingdon Press. She has also written six novels for the Heartsong Presents line. Her 2009 release, Autumn Rains, won the 2005 RWA Golden Heart for Best Inspirational Romance Manuscript, and she is a two-time ACFW Carol Award finalist. Most recently she has completed a three-book historical romance series, “Till We Meet Again,” for Abingdon Press. The first book in the series, When the Clouds Roll By, won the historical fiction category of the 2014 Christi an Retailing’s Best Award. Book 2, Whisper Goodbye, and book 3, Every Tear a Memory, both received 4½-star reviews from Romantic Times. Myra and her husband, Jack, have two married daughters and seven grandchildren. For more, visit


Savanna:  Welcome to the blog, Myra. We’re so glad you could join us today. Congratulations on your newest release, The Sweetest Rain.

Interview with Myra Johnson & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordWithout giving too much away, can you tell us what was your favorite scene to write in this book and why?

Myra:  Wow, let’s start with the hardest question first, why don’t we! 🙂 One favorite is when Bryony first meets Michael. There’s the innocence between them—Bryony’s curiosity about Michael, and Michael’s realization that there’s something special about her. When the hero and heroine meet for the first time in any story, there’s always the anticipation about where this will lead. What new things will they discover about each other, or about themselves? What will keep them apart? When will they realize their love was meant to be?

For that very reason, my second favorite scene was the ending, when everything leading up to this moment culminates in their happiness, settledness, and hope for the future.

Savanna:  How is your character Bryony like you and how is she different?

Interview with Myra Johnson & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordMyra:  Bryony is a whole lot more courageous than I am, that’s for sure! She’s more of a take-charge kind of woman, while I’m usually content to work in the background. We do share a love of family, though, and would do whatever it takes to protect the people we care about.

Savanna:  Since you write Inspirational Romance and obviously appreciate sweet love stories, what is your favorite romantic movie and favorite romantic book?

Myra:  One of my favorite romantic movies is White Christmas, with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera Ellen. Singing, dancing, romance, the holidays . . . what more could you ask for? I don’t think I can name a single favorite romantic book. I’ve read so many good ones! There were a few authors of Christian romance who were definitely my early inspiration to write in this genre—Francine Rivers, naturally, and also Deborah Raney and Robin Lee Hatcher.

Savanna:  Ah, I LOVE White Christmas. I watch it every year. 😉

I read on your website that you’ve attended several writers’ conferences. Can you share with us a special memory from your very first conference?

Interview with Myra Johnson & GIVEAWAY  | The Engrafted WordMyra:  That takes me back a long, long way! At my very first conference, it had to be the thrill of hobnobbing with widely known authors and editors, and the dream of someday actually feeling like a part of their world. A more specific memory would be from my first American Christian Fiction Writers national conference. I still remember author Robin Lee Hatcher’s workshop and her description of how she writes. She explained that she never plotted out her stories before beginning, that the joy of writing for her was in the discovery along the way. Since that’s the way I write, too, just knowing a “seat of the pants” writer could be as successful as Robin gave me encouragement for my own process.

Savanna:  That’s so neat, Myra. Thanks for sharing with us today.  Is there anything else you’d like to share? What project are you currently working on?

Myra:  I recently turned in book 2 of the Flowers of Eden series to my editor and have begun writing book 3. These stories continue with the lives of Bryony’s sisters—Larkspur in book 2, and Rose in book 3. I enjoy writing connected books because I already feel like I know the characters fairly well, and yet I’m still discovering new things about them.

Savanna:  That’s so exciting! Best of wishes to you, Myra. Happy Writing!


Myra has graciously offered to give away an ebook copy of The Sweetest Rain to one lucky winner. Enter below and it could be YOU! 😉

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Thanks for entering! Contest is open only in the U.S. and ends October 15, 2015.  The winner will be notified by email. Happy Reading, everybody!

70 comments on “Interview with Myra Johnson & GIVEAWAY
  1. Myra Johnson says:

    Savanna, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today! Watching White Christmas is an annual holiday tradition at our house, too. It’s made even more special because of how much our first granddaughter loved it when she was little. She could sing every song by heart and once “performed” “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing” in the middle of a Bass Pro Shop!

  2. I agree with White Christmas as a favorite! My first novel was written by seat of the pants, but since then I’ve had make at least a vague, frequently changing outline.

  3. Bonnie Roof says:

    I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog, and the questions in your interviews, Savanna – thanks for this one with Myra!!

    I love Myra’s writing – after reading/reviewing a recent novella she wrote, involving the depression, I’m excited to read an entire novel with that setting. Isn’t the cover of ‘The Sweetest Rain’ beautiful?? The covers of her ‘Till We Meet Again’ series are beautiful also – I love the tinting.

    Love the comment from Robin Hatcher re: her writing technique!!

    Shared post!!

  4. Myra Baker says:

    So nice to say I knew you when! Your books are amazing and I have enjoyed reading them. Do you spend an extreme amount of time on the historical research?

    • Myra Johnson says:

      Hi, Myra! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I do quite a bit of research, but sometimes it’s a little scattered. Once I gain an overall sense of the setting and era from books and online sources, then I need to start getting more specific, searching out the exact details that will be important in any given scene. Like when a cotton crop is typically harvested in Arkansas, or how a wealthy homeowner in the 1930s would have heat in the winter.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Welcome to the blog, Myra! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Reading!

  5. Trixi O. says:

    Hi Myra! So happy to “meet” you via Savanna’s blog today!! I’ve hears some great things about “The Sweetest Rain” & it makes me excited for the chance to win a copy 🙂
    As far as Christmas movies….sounds like all 3 of us have a spot in our heart for ‘White Christmas’. I had only watched that for the first time probably 3 years ago & I always look for it on TV now since it really has become one of my favorites too! And for all the reasons you listed here 😉 The other three that I like (hard to narrow down, isn’t it?): George C. Scott’s “A Christmas Carol”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “Miracle on 34th Street”…which I just watched in its entirety a couple of years ago. There are a smattering of others out there, but if I don’t get to watch these, it just seems I’m missing out on something…lol!
    Thank you for the author interview! I love getting to know the authors through here. Savanna always has such a nice bunch she features….but then again, I haven’t met an author of hers I didn’t like yet! 😉 I’m looking forward to the possibility of winning this book. Blessings to you both 🙂

    • Trixi O. says:

      Oh my I just noticed my typo in the very beginning of my comment…that is SUPPOSE to read “I’ve heard such great things about your book” NOT “I’ve hears”….hahaha!! I really hope you would know what I meant to say 😉

      • Myra Johnson says:

        LOL, Trixi! Typos happen! We enjoy White Christmas so much that a few years ago we bought our own copy on DVD so we don’t have to second-guess the TV schedule.

        Thanks so much for your interest in my book! I so appreciate Savanna for having me on her blog!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      Don’t worry, Trixi, we knew what you meant! 😉 I’m so glad you could join us. I agree, there are a lot of great Christmas movies. I love the ones you mentioned too. There’s just something special about the black and white classics. Good luck in the drawing, my friend!

  6. Kathryn Voss says:

    White Christmas is a must! But I also love the classic Rudolph and Babes in Toyland.

  7. Amelia says:

    This book sounds and looks great! And I love Christmas movies! I love turning on the Hallmark channel and watching most everything that comes up!

  8. kim amundsen says:

    I watch the first home alone movie every year around christmas.

    • Myra Johnson says:

      Hi, Kim! Sounds like many of us have favorite holiday movies we watch again and again. Do you have a favorite romance movie? One that just popped into my head is You’ve Got Mail. Also recently saw The Intern, and while not a romantic movie per se, there were some sweet moments and a happy ending for Anne Hathaway’s character and her husband.

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      That’s a fun one, Kim. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck in the giveaway!

  9. Rebecca Maney says:

    I grew up in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and now reside in the Piedmont. I would love to win a copy of this book. And I love to watch “The Shop Around the Corner” (vintage movie) and “The Polar Express” at Christmas.

    • Myra Johnson says:

      Hi, Rebecca! We are just loving life in NC! So beautiful–the mountains in one direction, the coast in the other. Best of both worlds!

    • Savanna Savanna says:

      That is such a beautiful part of the country, Rebecca! You’re lucky. 🙂 I haven’t yet seen “The Shop Around The Corner”, but I want to. It has Jimmy Stewart in it, right? Love him!

  10. Brenda Murphree says:

    I love to watch The Christmas Shoes. I can actually watch it anytime.

  11. Sonnetta Jones says:

    I watch the Home Alone Series, Miracles on 34th Street(both) and and of course Hallmark Christmas shows. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I will watch these movies anytime.

  12. carylkane says:

    Hey Savanna and Myra! Enjoyed this wonderful interview. I’ve not yet read any of Myra’s books. Myra, I am glad that you found the joy of writing in the discovery along the way. I love watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. So many good ones to look forward to each year. I am looking forward to reading THE SWEETEST RAIN. 🙂

  13. Myra Johnson says:

    Hi, Caryl! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, for me, writing is all about the journey. I love how my characters can surprise me with plot twists I can’t imagine how I’d have come up with on my own!

    I hope you’ll enjoy The Sweetest Rain and will try some of my other novels, too!

  14. Thanks for the interview. Great questions, especially the favorite scene. I always anticipate the meeting of the hero and heroine. Always find it fascinating what kind is it. Is it one of disgust, or humor or like Pride and Prejudice, full of both? I know I already commented, but I also like your Christmas question. So there it is. Every year, one of our Christmas traditions is to watch one of the 2 movies, It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street. Even if we choose one over the other on Christmas day, we always wind up watching the other sometime during the season.

  15. Patty says:

    White Christmas is also a favorite of mine!

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway Ladies.

    I’m not familiar with Myra’s writing and look forward to this book.

  16. Evelyn says:

    I love Home Alone and Polar express so much. I try to watch these movie as much as I can!!! Your book is amazing

  17. Evelyn says:

    I love Home Alone and Polar Express. It’s awesome!

  18. Laurie Bergh says:

    I love reading interviews it’s so cool to learn a little more about the authors that I read.

  19. Jackie McNutt says:

    Hi Savanna and Myra, I really enjoyed the interview and all of the comments.
    I have not read any of Myra’s books yet but would love to.
    I love all the movies mentioned, and look forward to all the Hallmark channel movies. I will also miss Cedar Cove, it is one of my favorites.
    Thanks to both of you.

  20. Becky B says:

    What a great interview! I love reading Christmas stories and start reading them in August. 🙂 I enjoy most of them. Christmas seems to make them all good.

    Thank you!

  21. Emilee Douglas says:

    Love the cover. It’s beautiful!
    Favorite Christmas movie is probably It’s A Wonderful Life. I don’t believe it was intended to be a Christmas movie though.

  22. I so enjoyed “Every Tear a Memory” ~ such vivid characters. I would like to read this new story and meet these sisters. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

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